Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello friends.  We haven't discussed The Cycle in quite a while, so today I thought I could give you some quick advice.  The Cycle is a beautiful and lasting achievement that hopefully all of mankind will embrace, but as it is now, most people are unsure of its validity and its importance.  This is why I address you today friends.  I hope that, seeing as you are viewing this blog, you have some sort of respect for The Cycle, and therefore would like to ask you to spread the word.  This will make it easier for all of us, and will make the whole process more healing for the whole planet.  For each friend you introduce to the ways of The Cycle, meditation and prayer will become more fulfilling because you will be filled with the warmth of having helped the human races chance of survival after 2012. So this is my advice my friends: spread the word and spread the joy and love that is The Cycle, for it will bring you inner peace in fulfillment.  Thank you my friends, and may Turritopsis Nutricula be with you. 

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