Saturday, October 2, 2010


Found this, what do you think?

       "Why would you want to be remembered?
Tell me this, do you think memory is infinite or finite.
If you are remembered, what space d you take up,
that could be filled by someone else.  That is awful selfishness.
And answer this, do you value longing and loneliness?
For if you are remembered well, won't you cause longing?
And if badly?  Well then surely it's better to not be remembered at all.
So the question is, is it better to love and lose, or to feel and forget.
         How now when i walk out and your memory is clean, and we are all the better for it, for new space has been cleared, readied for use.  Go out now and find your new firing synapse, for I no longer bog it down.  Our freedoms lie in our forgetfulness, and we must fight to keep them.  Stand for a longing, but run for a leveling when a ruined mind is awakening, and swollen wrists slow down your writing.  Stop preserving past images, allow new hours to be spent.
Forgetfulness is freedom, so remember to be free."

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